Kyoto circle, 2018

The circle, maru in Japanese, is the most popular subject of calligraphy. When making an announcement in Japan, its best to paint it on a wall and surround it with a protective loop. The circle is strongly related to Zen Buddhism and believed to have magical properties – it can protect you from evil, bring mindfulness and purity to life.


I find this form of art highly aesthetic. In this photograph, taken in downtown Kyoto, you see a poster publicising a festival. I love that there is a bicycle parked outside, adding another layer of circularity. The viewers first sees the round poster, than turn their eyes to the bicycle wheels. The wooden house gives a feeling of cosiness. On the right, the viewer gets a glimpse of the obscure and mysterious entrance.


I used a Hasselblad 503CX, Zeiss Distagon 3.5/50 T* lens and Ilford FP4+ film.

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