Studio 20 Photo Lab Newsletter #3

You might’ve noticed that since November you get your scanned pictures faster. Studio 20 got an equipment update – welcome Noritsu film scanner. Look through old boxes, dig out those old negatives and rediscover pictures from your childhood … or your parents’ childhood. You can have them on your email in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.



Now this is truly exciting. You know when you watch an old movie and you have that feel to it? Well now you can have that bit of Hollywood on your 35mm camera. Studio 20 stocked up on new Kodak cinema film Vision3 – this is the film used to make Hollywood Blockbusters. You surely saw ‘Star Wars’. We are also using the new found time to offer you ECN-2 development. What’s that? ECN – Eastman Color Negative – it has a Remjet coating (black, carbon layer) so it can’t be handled using the standard C-41 process. This layer avoids some reflections on the surface of the film and has antistatic properties as well. You get low contrasted picture and the skies come out magnificent.



The winter season is upon us. For us photographers it translates to shorter, darker days. We’ve got three ideas to put the smile back on our face:

1. get a high sensitivity film such as the CineStill 800T and make the Christmas lights sing a new song, 

2. use flashes to light up these dark days and 

3. get the lovely Rollei Retro 400S black & white films and enjoy the tones of this justly attractive film – nifty and currently our favourite – highly sensitive, black-and-white negative film, with high sharpness performance. Come over to check out our FF range – Film, Flash.

Our featured – Studio 20 Photo of the month – goes to one of our very first customers, a promising young photographer Nailya. She made a lovely self-portrait, presently called a selfie. 

And to finish off – some Christmas gift ideas 

Studio 20 is open till the 17 December, then we take a holiday break and back on 9 January 2023. Oh yes it is almost 2023. 

Happy holidays and a flashy New Year!

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