Studio 20 Photo Lab Newsletter #2

Films are slowly trickling back into stores. In September, we got a fresh delivery of Fuji Films and Ilford, hoping that the shortages in production lines are a story of the past. Moreover, we are happy to announce that Studio 20 is now an official reseller of Ilford and Rollei film on top of CineStill film, see more in our previous newsletter.


This brings us smoothly to our monthly feature – Studio 20 Photo of the month – September goes to Ricardo’s ‘Life from a window’ shot with a red scale film. The film is reverse-rolled and the light hits the base of the film instead of the emulsion, producing red/orange/yellow tones. Red scale film available at our store.

If you like to scan your own negatives or you are a Lomo fan, we have a little scanning gadget at Studio 20 that you

might like – the Lomography Digitaliza scanning masks – for 120, 100 and 35mm film. Some interesting features include the possibility to scan the negative in one endless filmstrip, do multiple exposures or overlapping frames. The masks
hold the film flat and well in place thanks to a magnetic set up, so all you need is a scanner and you’re good to go.

To finish off, we want to tell you about the Studio 20 bestsellers and give a special thanks to one our photographer


The number one bestseller camera are definitely the Minoltas. We adore them, as do our customers. Why? They have excellent lightmeters, good autofocus, cheap and good lenses, compatible with all Sony A-mount lenses and great flash control!


On the film stock side, we had a fresh delivery of CineStill 800T films (120 and 135), some CineStill 50D and some Agfa APX400. If you like extremly fine grain, I recommend the Ilford Pan F Plus (iso 50) available in 135 only.

Next week, some Rollei films should arrive including CrossBird films for the 127 lovers.


Also available, cases for your 135 films from Kodak.

Lastly, a big thank you, to our photographer friend Peter. A crew of rescue hikers from Hong Kong, bear with me, came to Studio 20 just before closing. The top glass of their lens crashed and the only way to ‘save’ and use the lens was to attach a special filter. One call to Peter and by 9 pm the Hong Kong rescue crew got there gear working.



See you again next month with photo exhibition updates and a new project we’re working on with artist David Dure –
involving a hand, paint and cameras. Watch this space.

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