The Hague

The Hague’s sandy beaches of Scheveningen attract the same carefreeness as you’d find on the shores of Spain or Greece. People didn’t mind my prying camera lens, too busy building castles and enjoying the sun. For these pictures, I used the Phase One digital medium format camera. Its perfect for dynamic scenery. The quality of prints and details captured is stunning.


I was going to Japan with high expectations, topped up with a sort of blend between samurai and hi-tech clichés. Unprepared for the travel, which was unquestionably too short anyway. The Hasselblad in my backpack was the only sure thing. First couple of days there, I was agitated then I let go. I came back with mixed feelings as to what exactly my impressions where. To my relief the real Japan unveiled before me in the darkroom. When I was pulling out the prints from the trays I finally processed what I experienced there.

Japan is beautiful in its everydayness, in its neatness, tradition, rules and soft mannered people.


This city is all about creativity. It doesn’t lack interesting subjects to capture on a film frame. I have some favorites in this catalogue. Have a look at the boy running in front of a brick wall or the late night picture with Peckham Afro Foods. London calling, no surprise.

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Hong Kong

As a photographer you hope for non-ordinary scenes that have something special. Walking the streets of Hong Kong I started documenting everyday life, fascinated by its simplicity and contrasts. What was striking was the ever present cycle of things, nothing goes to waste, new rubs shoulders with old, modern with traditional. This world is everything but linear. Its definitely special. My favorite picture – older man sitting with his back to the camera looking at the luxury cars passing by.

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